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We are so proud to have worked with the incredible folks at AIDS PEI on the development of a new name and brand for their organization - now known as PEERS Alliance. It was an incredible journey that included in-depth research, surveys, conversations, strategic positioning, and most importantly getting to know the people behind the organization.

Sexual Health Well-Being and Drug-Use Risk Reduction for All Islanders

PREVENT: Providing authentic straight talk and advocacy, plus testing and needle services, condoms, etc. that help to prevent the spread of STBBIs.

EDUCATE: The community-based educational efforts; raising awareness for what they do for the general public, establishing the organization as the trusted voice for the areas of health they focus on, and their focus to educate Islanders on harm-reduction options.

EMPOWER: The overall hope that all Islanders will rally around what the organization is trying to do and why, and empowering clients to work together on the prevention of HIV, HEP C and STBBIs. As well as empowering the voices of all clients across the province.

RESPECT: This is at the core of every interaction people have with them. As an organization, they don’t judge, they’re focused on treating everyone equally, and expect respect in return from all members of our Island community.

SUPPORT: The personal and emotional foundation of the brand; after providing educational and prevention services, they are there to support people in a manner that continually shows compassion, trust, integrity, respect and guidance in a positive manner.