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We were asked to brand and position Moth Lane Brewery’s first ever barrel-aged imperial stout which owner Eric Wagner was brewing in honour of his family’s bootlegging history. It may just be the most premium bottle of local brew ever offered on the Island with an extremely limited original batch available exclusively at their brewery. After getting to sample a bottle or two ourselves, let’s just say this beer is worth seeking out!
Eric Wagner made this beer. A former lobster fisherman who personally crafted this bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout in honour of his family’s bootlegging legacy. After all, both his grandfathers were bootleggers back in the day.

‘3 Mile Limit’ is the distance from shore bootleggers needed to sail to be in international waters, just out of reach from the local authority‘s jurisdiction.

3 Mile Limit is the spirit of PEI prohibition in a bottle. There’s ‘no friggin’ around’ with it or other tricks to rush this stout.

Crafted in very limited batches, every single step is made by hand, tasted by Eric himself, on the same land as his ancestors.