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Fresh Media is the creative agency behind PEI Burger Love, as well as many other marketing ideas or campaigns that you have probably engaged or connected with.

Everyday, we put forth the freshest work for our clients with the goal of creating the best results possible. We use our skills to improve branding, develop digital online environments, and craft strategic marketing executions that cut through. WE CREATE IDEAS THAT INSPIRE.

We are so proud to have offered our time and talent to help Moyna make Grady Bean a reality. It is a special dedication to honour the spirit of an amazing young man who impacted so many with his positive outlook on life.
We hope that everyone who has a cup of Grady Bean takes a moment to savour life a little bit more. 
How long does it take to do a Breast Self Exam? The time it takes for you to check your 'status' online. An incredibly clever Breast Cancer Campaign to make you take note of two of the most important things you can do for yourself.